Salary Fraction Donation

Payroll donation offers a highly convenient and efficient way for our friends/donors to support SOS children. By deduct a chosen amount/ fractions from their salary each month and transfer it regularly and automatically to SOS Children's Villages in Armenia as a donation.

Your salary embodies the recognition and appreciation of your efforts. Amplify your joy by gifting a child with a smile each month. Dedicate a small fraction of your salary to support children who have lost parental care or are at risk of losing it.


Follow the steps:

If you want to allocate a fraction of your salary to support the Armenian children, simply click the blue button below. Complete the form with your details and remember to include your company name for reference.

  • Click the blue button below (Donate Your Salary Fractions).
  • Complete the form with your Information.
  • Make sure to include your company name.


Other Option:

You can also allocate a fraction of your salary to support the Armenian children by Download and print the provided FORM (Declaration) below. Complete the required information and sign it. Submit the form to your employer's accounting department, indicating your consent for an automatic deduction from your salary. The specified amount will be transferred to SOS Children's Villages Armenia's Bank account.

Please remember to send a copy of the completed form to us at (EMAIL).

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